NEW Inflatable Pool Slide Summer Splash

Magic Jump has brought what everyone in the party rental industry was waiting for, a pool slide for the Summer time. Not like any ordinary Water Slide, the Summer Splash pool slides are made to be used with a outdoor pool. The Summer Splash was uniquely designed to be safely setup next to a pool where riders will climb up from the side, slide down the single lane slide, and splash into their pool. The Summer Splash comes in two different sizes and is great for almost all ages, even adults!

The 10′ Summer Splash is a compact design that will fit next to almost all pools. It is good for ages 5 all the way up to adults. It has all the safety features you would want for safely operating a pool slide like water/sand bag inserts, tie down points, and a slide that goes over the pool making sure the rider doesn’t hit pavement.

10' Summer Splash pool slide

10′ Summer Splash Pool Slide

Why let kids have all the fun? Our 15′ Summer Splash is perfect for adults and creates quite a splash at pool parties and Summer-time events. All you need is a outdoor pool and enough space to setup, then splash all day and night long! It has all the safety features you would want for safely operating a pool slide like water/sand bag inserts, tie down points, and a slide that goes over the pool making sure the rider doesn’t hit pavement.

15'  Summer Splash Pool Slide

15′ Summer Splash

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Safety News: Kick Covers Protecting Bounce House Tie Downs

anchor covers, stake coversWe recently saw Kick Covers in action during a convention show and wanted to share the insight regarding safety with anchor points. Kick Covers are a great invention for safely covering anchors so kids and other bystandards near the ride do not trip over or hit them and get hurt. Kick Covers are made with bright colors to be eye catchers so no one will trip over them or get hurt by anchors. You can learn more about Kick Covers and shop online at

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NEW Sports Course Obstacle

New for 2013 is our Sports Course 2-piece 60′ long obstacle course. This Sports Course is a great addition for events with teens and adults, during sporting events, and around Super Bowl and College or NFL Game Days. The Sports Course uses a variety of sport elements inside a fun and interactive obstacle course. The Sports Course features pop ups, push throughs, and a tall climb and dual slide. The 2-piece design makes the Sports Course easy to transport and much lighter than a single piece obstacle course. Get the Sports Course today, a great additional for a variety of events which features beautifully unique designs and sports obstacles for riders to enjoy.

sports obstacle course inflatable

60′ Sports Course

inside view of sports obstacle course

Inside of 60′ Sports Course

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ION Show World’s Greatest Inflatable Manufacturer

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NEW Funtopia Inflatable Combo

NEW for 2012 is this beautiful and vibrant Funtopia inflatable combo. The Funtopia inflatable is an interactive inflatable combination of bouncer, climber, dual slide, and dual obstacle mazes. Race your friend to see who can finish the Funtopia obstacles first. Bounce to the center climber where both participants will climb up to the dual slide. Each slide thereafter will lead you into a fun obstacle maze that you will have to crawl and push through in order to finish.

Funtopia Inflatable Combo


Riders have the option to bounce around or go through the full on race. The Funtopia inflatable combo gives plenty of fun options for everyone to enjoy. With vibrant colors, plenty of window visibility and a wide entrance, this Funtopia is sure to be a hit for party rental operators or indoor centers.

Funtopia Inflatable Combo

Funtopia Top View

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NEW Double Slide Obstacle Course

The Double Slide Obstacle Course is a grand combination of our 32′ Obstacle Course and a 16′ tall slide which makes for a 62′ long double slide obstacle extravaganza. This Double Slide Obstacle Course can be a hit for large events and a great eye catcher with the 16′ tall slide. It can also act as the main entertainment at indoor play centers who are looking for a exciting and thrilling obstacle course and slide combination.

double slide obstacle course

The 62′ long Double Slide Obstacle Course offers a great value with a lot of options for owners. It can be rented out as the giant Double Slide Obstacle Course that it is, or it can be rented out individually as a 32′ Obstacle Course or a Giant 16′ Slide. This obstacle course provides a lot of value to rental company owners who are looking for a great value in an inflatable obstacle course.

Double Slide Obstacle Course

The Double Slide Obstacle Course is good for kids ages 10 all the way up to adults. With this vast age range and the amount of options it offers, the Double Slide Obstacle Course is sure to be a real money maker and hit for any company in the party industry.

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NEW Slippity Slide Wet and Dry Slide

Magic Jump has come up with another fantastic inflatable that will be a hit during the hot Summer season as well as the cooler times. This wet and dry slide, called the Slippity Slide, can be used both wet as a water slide and dry as a regular inflatable slide. This multi-purpose inflatable will be a great addition to any rental company.

Wet and Dry SlideRiders go up the climber of the 8.5 feet tall slide, slide down where there will be water misting from the included misting system, and finish at the 6 inch deep splash zone. Companies can use this wet and dry slide as a water slide during the Summer season and as a regular slide or great indoor addition during the cooler season. It can also be used with plastic balls in the splash zone for the dry season to add more fun and excitement.

The Slippity Slide comes with the safety netting on the top of the slide along with the walls and bumps at the end of the slide. This wet and dry slide is also safety approved in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania and is light weight for compact for ease of use.

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