Magic Jump Is Powering A More Sustainable Future!

Magic Jump continues going green! Several years ago, Magic Jump, Inc. made it a goal to become a green manufacturer. This meant analyzing how we conducted business and making eco-friendly adjustments. In 2006, we invested in a large online project that resulted in saving many trees and have greatly reduced the amount of waste Magic Jump, Inc. produces. In 2010, we decided to save more trees by discontinuing our product catalog printing.

In 2017, Magic Jump has re-invested in our business operations by installing solar panels. Aside from the obvious electrical cost savings, our solar installation will have a positive impact on the environment – and our company.

Solar Panel images

Here are some good reasons for converting to solar energy to power your business:

  1. Cut-down electricity bill: Converting our power source to solar energy will cut down our electrical bill, because the electrical usage generated from the sun is free.
  1. Renewable energy source: Traditional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas, that will run out one day, but solar power is renewable at absolutely no cost to supply energy infinitely.
  1. Environment friendly: Solar panels harness clean, pure energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy doesn’t produce the harmful gases/pollutants responsible for increasing the greenhouse effect (gas emissions) which leads to air pollution and global warming.
  1. Low / no maintenance needed: Solar power systems can generally last 20 – 30 years without major maintenance.

By using solar energy, you can also reduce your carbon footprint and feel good about being a responsible global citizen. As a quality U.S. manufacturer and leader in the inflatable amusement ride industry, Magic Jump used SunPower brand panels which are also made in USA and one of the leaders in the solar panel industry.

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Snow Globe Hotel Makes Top Hotel List

We recently ran into an article by called 21 Amazing Hotels You Need to Visit Before You Die and were fascinated by all the unique and astonishing hotels that exist around the world. One of the hotels that particularly caught our eye was Attrap Reves Hotel in France ( This unique hotel concept is located right outside Marseille, France and was started out by the Attrap’Reves family in February 2010. The open atmosphere inflatable hotel room gives guests an astonishing view of the night sky and the feel of outdoor sleeping with the indoor comfort. Inflatable Snow Globes can be used for so many purposes, besides the ever popular crowd attraction and photo opportunity, the Attrap’Reves family took it to a whole new level with this one of a kind inflatable snow globe hotel. With different styles of hotel rooms ranging from Zen to Love Nature, Attrap Reves gives guests a one of a kind feeling they can’t find anywhere else. Check out the following images of some of the hotel rooms offered by Attrap’Reves.

attrap'reves hotel france

attrap reves hotel

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NEW Wet and Dry Inflatable Combos COMING SOON!

Wet and Dry Combos, Coming Soon!

Wet and Dry Combos, Coming Soon!

With much anticipation for the infamous wet and dry inflatable combos, Magic Jump Inc. is proud to say, after much testing, and retesting, that a tested, approved, and safe wet and dry combo will soon be available for purchase. There are many companies who claim their wet and dry combos are “safe”, but with no difference in the manufacture or material as their dry inflatable combos, how can this be so? Sadly the truth is, those falsely claimed wet and dry combos are actually not safe at all. It took us quite a bit of research and testing to finally come out with a safe alternative for the big demand of wet and dry inflatable combos. We did not simply want to sell our customers a inflatable and lie to them that it would be safe, we took the approach a bit differently, we decided to take our time and come out with a REAL wet and dry combo that riders will love, and that operators will find very easy to setup and take down. These Wet and Dry Combos will be available in many of our popular inflatable combo designs.

EZ Castle Wet or Dry Combo

EZ Castle Wet or Dry Combo

EZ Princess Wet or Dry Combo

EZ Princess Wet or Dry Combo

EZ Sports Wet or Dry Combo

EZ Sports Wet or Dry Combo

EZ Tropical Wet or Dry Combo

EZ Tropical Wet or Dry Combo

Contact or to put your name down for the wet and dry combos, or call us at 877-847-1313 for more information.

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NEW Tropical Wave Water Slide Design

new tropical water slide for sale

New Tropical Wave Design

Check out the NEW design for our Tropical Wave Water Slides product line. Our Tropical Wave Water Slides feature a 15′ tall Jr. Tropical Wave, a 17′ Tropical Wave, a 19′ Big Tropical Wave, and the greatest 21′ Giant Tropical Wave. The new designs feature a more vibrant color tone, more exciting bump action as you slide down, along with water drains at the bottom in several locations to make drainage of water a lot more efficient. These new feature makes the Topical Wave Water Slides a lot more attractive and efficient water slide than ever before!

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NEW 15′ and 19′ Slippity Slides

wet and dry slide for sale

15′ Slippity Slide

Check out the all NEW big wet and dry slide versions of our 12′ Slppity Slide. The 15′ Slippity Slide comes in a 8.5′ high slide platform, which gives you a better thrill and excitement when sliding. The 19′ Slippity Slide comes in a 11′ high slide platform, which is better for the older age groups like teens and adults. These Wet and Dry slides are great for both the dry season or indoor use, and also during those hot Summer months to be used with water to cool down.

big wet and dry inflatable slide

19′ Slippity Slide

Call Magic Jump at 877-847-1313 for more information or to place your order for your very own 15′ and/or 19′ Slippity Slide.

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NEW Surf-A-Curve Water Slide

curved water slide, curve water slide

Surf-A-Curve Water Slide

Ride the surf wave with this Surf-A-Curve water slide. This beautifully designed water slide features wave colors and designs that make you feel like you are on a real wave. The slide features multiple bumps which make the effect of riding a wave even more real! Kids all the way up to adults will love riding this Surf-A-Curve water slide during those hot Summer months. This commercial grade water slide is a great addition for party and event rental companies and will last years with the right care and maintenance. The Surf-A-Curve water slide features a easy to use climber, 18 foot tall slide, bumps on the slide for extra effects, and a curve at the end which leads into a pool of water. Buy this curved water slide today and see just how much thrill it can add to your life.

View 3D views of the Surf-A-Curve water slide on Magic Jump website or contact us at 877-847-1313 for more information.

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NEW Unique U-Turn Water Slide

u-turn water slide, curved water slide, unique water slide

Tree House U-Turn Water Slide

Want a unique water slide that is the first of its kind? This Tree House U-Turn water slide is the first and only water slide where riders experience a u-turn when they slide down. Riders will climb up the tall Tree House style slide, once they reach the top they will slide down one at a time. As riders are sliding, they will reach a point where they will go up and down a u-turn style curve and then end up in a pool of water. Riders can start climbing right back up from the pool, providing ease and convenience of nonstop sliding all day long! This Tree House water slide is a great addition to any party or event rental company that wants to feature a unique water slide. This water slide is great for almost all ages and events.

View 3D image on Magic Jump Tree House product page or call us at 877-847-1313 to get more information regarding the Tree House Water Slide.

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NEW Inflatable Pool Slide Summer Splash

Magic Jump has brought what everyone in the party rental industry was waiting for, a pool slide for the Summer time. Not like any ordinary Water Slide, the Summer Splash pool slides are made to be used with a outdoor pool. The Summer Splash was uniquely designed to be safely setup next to a pool where riders will climb up from the side, slide down the single lane slide, and splash into their pool. The Summer Splash comes in two different sizes and is great for almost all ages, even adults!

The 10′ Summer Splash is a compact design that will fit next to almost all pools. It is good for ages 5 all the way up to adults. It has all the safety features you would want for safely operating a pool slide like water/sand bag inserts, tie down points, and a slide that goes over the pool making sure the rider doesn’t hit pavement.

10' Summer Splash pool slide

10′ Summer Splash Pool Slide

Why let kids have all the fun? Our 15′ Summer Splash is perfect for adults and creates quite a splash at pool parties and Summer-time events. All you need is a outdoor pool and enough space to setup, then splash all day and night long! It has all the safety features you would want for safely operating a pool slide like water/sand bag inserts, tie down points, and a slide that goes over the pool making sure the rider doesn’t hit pavement.

15'  Summer Splash Pool Slide

15′ Summer Splash

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Safety News: Kick Covers Protecting Bounce House Tie Downs

anchor covers, stake coversWe recently saw Kick Covers in action during a convention show and wanted to share the insight regarding safety with anchor points. Kick Covers are a great invention for safely covering anchors so kids and other bystandards near the ride do not trip over or hit them and get hurt. Kick Covers are made with bright colors to be eye catchers so no one will trip over them or get hurt by anchors. You can learn more about Kick Covers and shop online at

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NEW Sports Course Obstacle

New for 2013 is our Sports Course 2-piece 60′ long obstacle course. This Sports Course is a great addition for events with teens and adults, during sporting events, and around Super Bowl and College or NFL Game Days. The Sports Course uses a variety of sport elements inside a fun and interactive obstacle course. The Sports Course features pop ups, push throughs, and a tall climb and dual slide. The 2-piece design makes the Sports Course easy to transport and much lighter than a single piece obstacle course. Get the Sports Course today, a great additional for a variety of events which features beautifully unique designs and sports obstacles for riders to enjoy.

sports obstacle course inflatable

60′ Sports Course

inside view of sports obstacle course

Inside of 60′ Sports Course

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