NEW Slippity Slide Wet and Dry Slide

Magic Jump has come up with another fantastic inflatable that will be a hit during the hot Summer season as well as the cooler times. This wet and dry slide, called the Slippity Slide, can be used both wet as a water slide and dry as a regular inflatable slide. This multi-purpose inflatable will be a great addition to any rental company.

Wet and Dry SlideRiders go up the climber of the 8.5 feet tall slide, slide down where there will be water misting from the included misting system, and finish at the 6 inch deep splash zone. Companies can use this wet and dry slide as a water slide during the Summer season and as a regular slide or great indoor addition during the cooler season. It can also be used with plastic balls in the splash zone for the dry season to add more fun and excitement.

The Slippity Slide comes with the safety netting on the top of the slide along with the walls and bumps at the end of the slide. This wet and dry slide is also safety approved in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania and is light weight for compact for ease of use.

About Magic Jump Inc.

Magic Jump is an inflatable manufacturer based in Burbank, California. We proudly manufacture inflatable interactive games and indoor inflatables. Unlike most inflatable manufacturers that outsource their operations to take advantage of lower expenses at the cost of product quality, we at Magic Jump are proud to be an inflatable manufacturer based and operated entirely in the USA. Our focus as an inflatables manufacturer is to produce quality bounce houses and interactive games for children and even adults of all ages to enjoy. As a successful inflatables manufacturer, Magic Jump has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start and succeed with bounce house businesses and family entertainment centers of their own. Magic Jump's inflatables are seen all over the world in carnivals, movies, amusement parks, fairs, schools, parks, private companies and many other locations. As one of the leading inflatable manufacturers, Magic Jump definitely stands out as a reliable source for fun inflatable games.
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  1. I was looking for the same info about virtually identical & finally i got my answer from your post thanks for sharing this useful info.!

  2. All of the inflatables on this website are amazing

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