NEW 5in1 Inflatable Combos

5in1 inflatable comboWith the growing demand and popularity of inflatable combos in party rentals and indoor play centers, we decided to come up with a new creation featuring 5 features in 1 inflatable. Our new 5in1 Inflatable Combos are our new popular items for the inflatable combo product line. This new inflatable combo includes a bouncing area, obstacle popups, basketball hoop, climber, and a slide.

5in1 inflatable sports comboOur compact designs for these inflatable combos make them light weight and easy to transport for rental companies. Even with the compactness and light design we have still managed to keep all safety standards up to par for high traffic areas like family entertainment centers. These 5in1 inflatable combos are great additions to any line of inflatable products and will surely bring in new clients.

Some of the current designs available are the 5in1 Castle Combo and the 5in1 Sports Combo. Keep an eye out for these great inflatable combos as more designs are sure to be released shortly.

About Magic Jump Inc.

Magic Jump is an inflatable manufacturer based in Burbank, California. We proudly manufacture inflatable interactive games and indoor inflatables. Unlike most inflatable manufacturers that outsource their operations to take advantage of lower expenses at the cost of product quality, we at Magic Jump are proud to be an inflatable manufacturer based and operated entirely in the USA. Our focus as an inflatables manufacturer is to produce quality bounce houses and interactive games for children and even adults of all ages to enjoy. As a successful inflatables manufacturer, Magic Jump has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start and succeed with bounce house businesses and family entertainment centers of their own. Magic Jump's inflatables are seen all over the world in carnivals, movies, amusement parks, fairs, schools, parks, private companies and many other locations. As one of the leading inflatable manufacturers, Magic Jump definitely stands out as a reliable source for fun inflatable games.
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